Iva Mihanović

Energy Of Light Object

Young academic sculptor Iva Mihanović creates sculptures which reflect the power of perception and enhanced intuition. Her sculptures are light objects. The starting point are the forms of geometric predetermination with a clear order, clean proportions, and what continuously presents a new challenge, sort of a game, is the juggling with numerous possibilities “of cheating” the symmetry. Each ball, or some other sculptural body, is a polygon for unlimited play with variations in shifts, breaks and transformation of the parts of a sculptural body. The series of new(er) sculptures/objects is a variation of vertical forms created in wood. They have different formative modalities, but evoke totemism from the start. What is important is the author’s concept of verticals of the created body/entity. Sculptors like Iva Mihanović, who know how to find the right articulation of form and content, are very rare. There is no dividing line between them at any point, they are so deeply interconnected that the form itself, in its primordial sculptural charge, speaks in an extremely simple and synthetic visual language. Consistently, there are no big gestures in her work, unnecessary movements that would emphasize or extort drama in an external way, because it is compressed in the core of the sculpture, in the fullness that, with the concentration of an internal strength, radiates to its environment both the human drama and constant of the human being. It seems that the sculptor did not want to lose the initial conciseness and compression of volume at any point, therefore her energy games make a homogenous unity, and internal space, a negative volume, does not evade the gravity of an internal monologue by any means. This is a new form of cohesion that makes Iva Mihanović’s work very particular, very personally authentic, very stylistically recognizable.